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Wind Stocks is a blog site dedicated to bringing you up to date information on publicly traded wind stocks in the small cap arena, significant industry news and media. If you have a windstock that you feel has great upside potential feel free to contact us right away.

The Recent and horrid events that have taken place in Japan has given world governments a chance to question weather or not they will continue to build plants that have such destructive power and what other alternatives are available that can provide the same level of  sustainable energy for societies around the globe.  Alternative energies such as solar, hydro and wind are all being considered as safe sustainable energy sources and are currently being put under a microscope by governments around the globe to see which of these energy sources will earn their attention. If you are reading this we are sure you are aware that we feel Wind will win the worlds attention now more than ever due to recent events. Disclaimer

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Wind Energy Stocks
XPWR.OBN/A  chartN/A
OTTR40.90  chart -0.97%
NEE143.14  chart +1.09%
JUHL.OBN/A  chartN/A
GE27.57  chart +0.07%
HLXW.PKN/A  chartN/A
SENY.OBN/A  chartN/A
ASPW.OBN/A  chartN/A
AMSC4.48  chart -0.22%
INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ6265.2495  chart +0.46%
S&P 5002438.30  chart +0.16%
1970-01-01 00:00
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