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Wind Energy Transmission Texas gets $500 transmission line loan

What would you do with $500 million in loans? Now that the Texas Public Utilities commission has awarded the Wind Energy Transmission Texas (WETT) consortium a loan in that amount, they know exactly what they want to do with theirs.
The group secured financing to begin their plan, which is to build a transmission line that connects the west part of Texas with the remainder of the state.
WETT, made up of Isolux Corsan Concesiones USA and Brookfield Asset Management, says the line will enable Texas to significantly upgrade it transmission-ready wind capabilities from 10GW to 18GW.

Combining the wind-rich western part of the state with the more populated east region, the new line will encompass some 378 miles an have five 345 kV sub-stations.
The estimated date for completion is sometime during the second quarter of 2013. Construction is expected to begin this September.

Many people are excited about this new opportunity to bring more renewable wind energy to major metropolitan areas throughout the expansive state of Texas.

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