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Wind Power Stocks Are Blowing Investors Away

During a time in which the economic downturn has hit our country hard, there is one investment opportunity that has raised more than a few eyebrows: wind power stocks. Without question, they are now among the most coveted sectors of stock in the alternative energy segment.


Of course, just as with any other investment, you should first do your due diligence in terms of research. Find out how profitable the company you’re interested in has been; how often the stock is traded; what markets it is traded in; and so forth.


While many companies have names that are well-recognized such as General Electric(GE:NYSE), there others just off the radar that are poised to make a big splash in the very near future. For example, Xzeres Wind Corp. (XPWR:OTCBB) ended FY 2011 with a 38% sequential increase compared to the third quarter. With Q1 around the corner, investors in XPWR are anxious to see if they will announce another sequential increase in revenues when compared to Q4 2011 FYE.(XPWR fiscal year ends Feb 28th)


Wind power already accounts for more than two percent of all power generated in theUnited States. While that percentage is seemingly small, our country is large enough that this is very significant. Further, the United States Department of Energy believes that wind power could very well supply 20% of all our country’s electricity by 2030. Our belief is the demand for wind energy stocks should parallel the demand that is expected for wind energy over the next 20 years.


Of course, wind power is not limited to theUnited Statesalone. The markets are alive and well in European and Asian countries, making wind power a truly global option.

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Wind Energy Stocks
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NEE143.14  chart +1.09%
JUHL.OBN/A  chartN/A
GE27.57  chart +0.07%
HLXW.PKN/A  chartN/A
SENY.OBN/A  chartN/A
ASPW.OBN/A  chartN/A
AMSC4.48  chart -0.22%
INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ6265.2495  chart +0.46%
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