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Arista Power to Present at Storage Week 2011 Conference in San Diego, California

ROCHESTER, N.Y., June 20, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Arista Power, Inc. (“Arista Power” or the “Company”) (OTCBB:ASPW.OB), a developer and manufacturer of wind turbines, renewable energy power storage and management systems, and a supplier of solar energy systems, announced today that it will present on July 14, 2011 at the upcoming Storage Week 2011, a premier international market development hub for energy storage.


Mark Matthews, Arista Power’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, said, “We are excited to be part of this innovative conference that has been sold out for the past three events. Not only will we be presenting to major market players, but we will also be amongst top policy makers, grid operators, utility planners, engineers, and other industry decision makers that are looking for innovative and cost-effective technologies like ours.”

Mr. Matthews said the title of Arista Power’s presentation is: ‘Power on Demand: Dynamic Integration of Renewable Energy, Energy Storage, and Power Distribution for Demand Management.’ The presentation will focus on:

Arista Power’s development and implementation of its Power on Demand system, which is a demand management system that integrates renewable energy, grid power, and energy storage, to reduce electricity demand charges of commercial customers.

Arista Power’s use of the Power on Demand system in mobile applications that integrate renewable energy, fuel cells, and energy storage, which have been procured by the U.S. Army and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) as an alternative to diesel generators in off-grid locations.

“The fact that we have received orders from entities such as the U.S. Army and the FBI conveys the undeniable message to the industry, customers, and investors, that we are quickly gaining traction, attention, and credibility with our Power on Demand systems and mobile applications. Our systems are so unique, with a compelling return on investment, that we have become recognized as an innovative and pioneering company with a vast market for our products. We are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity. Our presence at conferences, such as the prestigious Storage Week 2011, is just one avenue that we will use to reach our target markets and to form alliances with other industry players,” said William Schmitz, Chief Executive Officer of Arista Power.

Storage Week 2011 will be held from July 11th to July 14th, in San Diego, California.

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About Arista Power, Inc.

Arista Power, Inc. is a developer and manufacturer of wind turbines, custom-designed renewable energy storage and power management systems, and a supplier of solar energy systems. Arista Power’s diffuser-augmented WindTamer wind turbines utilize a patented technology for the production of electrical power. Arista Power’s patent-pending Power on Demand system utilizes inputs from multiple energy sources including wind, solar, fuel cells and the grid in conjunction with a custom-designed battery storage system and a proprietary smart monitoring technology that releases energy at optimal times to reduce peak power demand, thereby lowering electricity costs for large energy users who deal with peak usage pricing. Arista Power also sells a mobile renewable energy system that generates wind and solar energy to an onboard storage unit for military and other applications, and a renewable power station that is a scalable system that can be drop-shipped to off-grid locations to be used as a “micro-grid.”

Forward-Looking Statements

This press release may contain forward-looking statements based on current expectations that involve a number of risks and uncertainties. Arista Power, Inc. cautions investors not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements, which reflect Arista Power’s analysis only as of today’s date. There can be no assurance that such forward-looking statements will prove to be correct, and actual results could differ materially. Arista Power undertakes no obligation to publicly update forward-looking statements. Further information on these factors, and other factors that could affect Arista Power’s financial results, is included in Arista Power’s Securities and Exchange Commission filings, including the latest Annual Report on Form 10-K.


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