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Sauer Energy, Inc. Stock Facts

Sauer Energy


Wind Stock Symbol: SENY                                                                  Company Name: Sauer Energy, Inc.

52 Week Low: $.07                                                                           52 Week High: $1.57

Outstanding: 77,675,000                                                                   Estimated Float: Unkown

Market Cap: $77,675,000                                                                   Revenues: R&D No Sales Yet


Wind Company: Sauer Energy, Inc.

Wind Stock Sauer Energy is commercializing what it believes to be revolutionary patented technology in its residential wind turbines that is designed to make them highly efficient and productive while being small and affordable. It targets the individual home and small to mid size enterprise in urban or rural areas. The patented design is a compact vertical-axis wind turbine (VAWT) that can be sited on location without being intrusive. It is designed to be integrated directly into existing building structures and may be roof mounted or stand alone.


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Wind Energy Stocks
XPWR.OBN/A  chartN/A
OTTR40.90  chart -0.97%
NEE143.14  chart +1.09%
JUHL.OBN/A  chartN/A
GE27.57  chart +0.07%
HLXW.PKN/A  chartN/A
SENY.OBN/A  chartN/A
ASPW.OBN/A  chartN/A
AMSC4.48  chart -0.22%
INDUN/A  chartN/A
NASDAQ6265.2495  chart +0.46%
S&P 5002438.30  chart +0.16%
1970-01-01 00:00
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